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<a href="id-8084-russia-commemorative-1-ruble-rouble-1912-eb-silver-rrr"><img src="/rus/images/2977.jpg" style="height:67px;width:150px" /></a> <strong>ID</strong>: 8084 <br /><br />Russia <br />Commemorative coin "Tron"<br /><strong>1 Rouble Ruble</strong> <br />1912 Commemorative coin<strong> Tron</strong>: On the Opening of Monument to Emperor Alexander III in Moscow.<br /> Silver, ЭБ, 20,00 gr, <strong>Tirage 5000</strong> 8800 €

ID 8084 Russia Commemorative 1 Ruble Rouble 1912 ЭБ Silver RRR

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