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All the prices are in euros. EUR (€)
Commodity prices are subject to change without notice!

Please read the terms carefully before placing an order. Please, pay special attention to following aspects:

  1. How do you must pay for ordered item.
  2. What kind of other expenses will be added to item´s price (shipping, postal expenses and insurance).
  3. How can you properly fill in the ordering form.


  1. To order, select the item from our website.
  2. Please fix item ID number located above name of the item.
  3. Please fill in the required data in the order form, which can be found at the end of this page.


We´ll send you the invoice as soon as possible via email.


Payment should be done according to the recived invoice. It is possible to make bank transfer or pay in cash in the Shifara Gallery. Requirements needed for bank transfer can be find on the invoice and on the website
After bank transfer, please inform us about payment via email shifara[ät]


  1. We´ll ship merchandises to you by Estonian Post or other postal service (ELS Express, UPS, DHL).
  2. We´ll send out the merchandise not later than within 3 days after receiving the full payment.
  3. The buyer can make a choice between the ways and shipping agents for delivery (ELS Express, UPS, DHL).
  4. Delivery cost is at the expense of the customer.
  5. Insurance cost is at the expense of the customer.
  6. Export of a merchandise will take place according to the laws of Estonian Republic.
  7. It is the obligation of customer to know the terms of import to the country of destination.
  8. It is the buyer`s responsibility to arrange insurance in respect of shipping by post or any other delivery service.

Our Guarantee:

Shifara Gallery guarantees that the merchandise is genuine.


Any disagreements between seller and buyer will be resolved according to the laws of Estonian Republic

For placing an order please fill our form:

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Erfurt Thaler 1617. Silver
Double Strike!

BERCHEM, Nicolaes (1620-1683)

VINTERS, Edgars (1919)
"Woodruff Shocks of Rue"
"Landscape with river"

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